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Yonex Nanoray 900 Badminton Racket
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  •   Limited Edition
  •   New Frame Profile
  •   X-Fullerene
  •   Isometric Headshape
  •   Solid Feel Core
  •   Control Support Cap
  •   3UG4
  •   Tension Range 20-24lbs
  •   Supplied with Full Length Cover
  •   Nanometric


Yonex Nanoray 900 Limited Edition Badminton Racket is a fast attacking racket designed with the precision attack in mind. The frame moves to help generate angled smashes to give players even more choice on precision rather than just the biggest smash.

Dual Purpose Frame - A Nanoray innovation uses an upper half of the head as a thinner frame section to the lower half of the head. Pioneered for angle on the smash this frame is developed to angle the shuttle down on impact with the racket, rather than the normal slight upward angle. This gives steeper angles and puts greater pressure on the opponent. The top half cuts the air and snaps forwards into the shuttle for extra power. The lower section gives face stability and strength.

Nanometric - Using nanoparticle levels of manufacturing the bonding strength between carbon fibres in the frame is increased. This allows a thinning of the cross section while keeping the same strength.

X-Fullerene - A carbon structure inside the resin reduces the weight of the resin filler. The carbon atoms create cross-links for 15% greater stability.

Solid Feel Core - The feel of the racket is designed to feel like the head doesn't have a hollow centre. This cuts out vibrations through the racket and gives increased confidence in the racket playability.

Aero Frame - Aerodynamic frame design cuts the air for faster swing speeds.

Isometric Headshape - A squarer frame shape helps to balance the size of the mains and crosses to enhance the size of the sweet spot.

Super Slim Long Shaft - Extended shaft makes the power multiplication from handle to head greater than short shafts. The super slim design cuts the air better for improved speed.

Control Support Cap - The wider top cap allows increased control high up the racket for sharp maneuverability.

Racket is supplied with a full length cover
Made in Japan 3UG4.

Please note, where applicable, we will relogo the strings on rackets which have been restrung.

Weight 88g
Construction HM Graphite/HT Graphite/Nanometric/Super HMG/X-Fullerene

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