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Yonex Duora 10 LT Badminton Racket
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  •   Limited Edition
  •   Nanometric DR
  •   Solid Feel Core
  •   Isometric Headshape
  •   Super Slim Long Shaft
  •   Control Support Cap
  •   Dual Optimum System
  •   Duora Full Length Cover
  •   Tension Range 19-26lbs
  •   Supplied 4UG4 - Made in Japan


Yonex Duora 10 LT Badminton Racket, the aggressive power of the DUORA 10 in a lighter racket with a softer feel. Yonex Co., Ltd. Has combined their famous DUORA 10 badminton racket, designed for heavy hitters, with a lighter frame and a softer hitting feel to create the all-new DUORA 10 LT. The Duora 10 is well-known for its uniquely constructed frame, which combines a front designed for powerful smashes with a back built specially for drives, allowing heavy hitters to make quality shots from all over the court. Some of the world’s top players have won the highest levels of competition with the DUORA 10, such as Kamilla Rytter Juhl of Denmark. In response to some who expressed their interest in trying the DUORA 10 but were most concerned with weight and shot feeling, the DUORA 10 LT uses the shock-absorbing material “VIBSLAYER CARBON” to reduce vibration to the wrist and elbow, while maintaining the resilience of the frame that the original is well known for. The 10 LT is also lighter and more manoeuvrable at 83g (4U) compared to 88g (3U) for the 10. Aggressive performance, combined with a softer touch and increased ease of use from a lighter frame weight makes this the perfect choice across a broad range of players, including juniors and seniors.

The Duora uses two frame profiles to achieve the benefits of control and speed depending on which side of the racket is used. The bright colouring acts as a guide in your peripheral vision to which side you are using.

Dual Optimum System - Frame profiles are normally designed around stability, aerodynamics or balance of both. The Dual Optimum System is half stability and half aerodynamic. The two sides of the frame use different profiles, rather than one profile trying to do both jobs.
Stability - On the orange side the racket uses a box shape frame to resist torsion and twist for more power transfer and precision.
Aerodynamic - The green side uses an aerodynamic profile with a Nickel-Titanium Fibre running around the crest for strengthe and durability.

Nanometric DR - Nanometric improves the bonding strength between carbon fibres allowing thinner carbon structures to have the same strength as thicker ones that don't use nanometric. Nanometric DR is used the the head of the racket in the box section to provide strength and stability around the head.

Solid Feel Core - A system to reduce the vibration through the racket for comfort and also provides a more robust feel to the racket.

Control Support Cap is a wider top cap to allow a higher control at the very top of the grip.

Super Slim Long Shaft - A thinned shaft for improved aerodynamics allowing a faster swing.

The T-Joint has been improved by adding T-Anchor, a new composite for racket torque reduction from off-centre hits. A foaming agent has been added around the T-Joint to create a tighter join between the frame and T-piece. This improves the stringbed response of the mains by reducing the movement at the centre grommets.

PLEASE NOTE the published tension range for this racket is 18-26lbs, if you chose to have this racket restrung it is most inadvisable to exceed 30lbs.

Please note, where applicable, we will relogo the strings on rackets which have been restrung.

Weight 83g

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